I remember sitting up with my son when he was just 3 weeks old. He had reflux and would fuss and cry for hours before settling to sleep, and then just as I sat down with a cup of coffee, he would be awake again. It felt like the sleeplessness would never end!

I remember potty training him and thinking I would never get him out of nappies, and now  just yesterday he made me stop the car so that he could get out and pee on the side of the road, and showed me with pride how he had drawn a wee-wee circle on the pavement!

With just one kid I thought time was going quickly, but now, with my daughter in the mix too, it is like a giant microscope has been aimed at time, and someone has pushed the fast-forward button. I frequently find myself getting all emotional as my ‘babies’ are growing and changing in front of my eyes.

For example: recently it was my son’s 3rd birthday. We decided to have a mid-week supper at Spur which is very rare occurrence given we follow quite a strict midweek routine. However, it was a special occasion, I know our boy would love it, and selfishly I really wanted to  keep myself away from my nostalgic thoughts and treat myself to not having to worry about cooking and dishes. My hubby and I were watching our son playing and our little girl (6 months old) was merrily chewed away on a sweet potato chip. I put my finger in her mouth to help a stray piece of sweet potato find its way home when I felt something hard and fairly sharp. I rubbed my finger along her gum and felt not one, but two teeth breaking through her bottom gum! Well, let me tell you, right then and there I nearly burst into tears. I couldn’t believe my little baby was sprouting teeth on the same day my other baby turned 3!

Now, when I find myself wishing that our little one would stop breastfeeding so that I can hear a baby cry or see a cute picture without leaking, or when I wish our son would just speak a little more clearly so I would be able to know before the tantrum starts that he wants bread with honey and not a bearded bunny…I stop myself.

They are little for such a short period of time and it might not always be easy, but I try to cherish every fleeting moment.