Nearly time for a new year to start and instead of the usual Lose Weight, Drink Less, Go To Gym, Work Harder…this year my resolution is simple. Make time for ME.

I’m a Mom, Wife, Friend, HR Officer, Daughter, Sister, Chef, Dishwasher, Laundromat, Doctor, Shrink, Taxi, sheesh the list just goes on. But underneath all that I’m also ME, and that is the one thing I kind of suck at.

My hubby recently commented that I haven’t really been myself for a while. At first I was a tad offended, hackles raised, and I wanted to say ‘well I’m doing the best that I can!’ But then I thought about it a bit…

Since having kids, being married and having a career, I, like so many other mommies out there, have gotten into the rotten habit of always putting everyone else first. And while such a selfless way of being might seem admirable, in all truth it is really not. If you aren’t looking after yourself first, how on earth are you supposed to be the best mommy, wife, friend, employee, etc. etc. that you can be? Simple, you can’t.

I’m not going on one of those funny mom strikes, or planning to disappear of the face of the earth or anything quite so dramatic, but I want to start doing a few little things just for me. Hence the blog, which will inevitably be all about my family and the 2 tiny humans I do my best to be a mommy to, but the actual writing part, that’s for me.